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The World’s First Self-Cleaning Hygienic Hair Brush

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The Worlds First Ever Self-Cleaning Hair Brush!
Why deal with cleaning a messy, hair-filled brush when you don't have to?

Keep your hair bush clean and hygienic at all times with our unique Self Cleaning Hair Brush! Our design features a smart bristle retraction system that instantly releases trapped hair from our brush to be dropped straight into the waste can making it a breeze to keep it clean at all times- exactly how ALL brushes should function!

The Hygienic Solution We've Been Waiting For!

Other than optimal convenience, Self Cleaning Hair Brush effectively eliminates the bacteria, dried up product, and trapped hair from multiplying while keeping bristles in tact to style, smooth, and shape your hair style to perfection



  • World-patented technology
  • Simply squeeze buttons for easy hair removal and cleaning
  • Prevents disease and parasite transmition
  • Styles, strengthens, smoothes and shapes
  • Creates shine by distributing oils from scalp evenly over hair
  • Detangles and won’t harm the scalp or tug at strands
  • No assembly required
  • Fully tested for long life usage
  • Durable - 2 meter drop test
  • Water resistant 
To ensure that all the creepy things clinging to the hair in your hair brush do not end up on your clean hair, make the switch. Buy a Self Cleaning Hair Brush today!


Comb Your Hair And Avoid The Mess With Our

Easy To Use Self Cleaning Hair Brush!

Simply squeeze and pull to retract the bristles and BOOM, you have a clean hair brush with NO MORE TRAPPED HAIR!


What exactly is lurking in your hair brush?

Did You Know:  One hair follicle can hold 50,000 germs and there they are sitting in your brush. Brushes can also collect residues of hair products which can become sticky and attract dirt which can cause disease. Diseases such as impetigo, a contagious skin infection that usually produces blisters or sores on the face neck or hands can spread from one person to another by sharing a brush. Simply put, what you put in your hair, ends up in your hairbrush and what you have on your scalp ends up in your hairbrush. 


How It Works:

Pinch the buttons on the back of the brush inward.


Pull the buttons and the bristles will retract, releasing the trapped hair and making it super easy to clean.


Squeeze and push the buttons, then release to lock back in normal positition. Make sure buttons are completely released and mechanism is locked (you cannot push/pull).

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